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How to display home art?

April 26, 2022

The collection of modern ceramics is far better than that of ancient ceramics. With its exquisite workmanship and modern aesthetic characteristics, the key is that the price is in line with the public, so it is sought after by collectors. Now we have greatly improved our life and spirit. Home art can better modify the style of home decoration.

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1. Living room

It is the center of home and undertakes the functions of daily life, rest and entertainment. According to the size of the living room and their preferences, choose a home suitable for their own decorative style. For young people who like simple style, landscape flower and bird bottle has a strong flavor of life and strong adaptability. It is a superior choice.

2. Study

It is common to display a set of practical and highly ornamental ceramic stationery. In addition, you can also show some tea sets, ceramic portraits, vases and so on. medium-sized.

3. Bedroom

The important feature of the bedroom is privacy, so the choice and decoration of home art depend on the preferences of the owner. Generally speaking, the bedroom is mainly decorated with relaxed and full of life atmosphere, and the overall idea is cordial, comfortable and warm.

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