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What are the traditional tableware disinfection methods?

April 26, 2022

Traditional tableware has been used in the catering market for many years, but as many "dirty" manufacturers have reduced the disinfection procedures of tableware in order to reduce production costs, tableware is not disinfected frequently. Traditional tableware disinfection has more and more disadvantages. What are the traditional disinfection methods of tableware?

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1. Boiling disinfection: put the cleaned tableware into clean boiling water for disinfection for 2-5 minutes; However, the amount of sterilized tableware is large, so it needs to change the water often before burning.

2. Oven disinfection: such as infrared disinfection cabinet, the temperature is generally about 120 ℃, and the disinfection lasts for 15-20 minutes.

3. Steam disinfection: put the cleaned tableware into the steam cabinet or box, add water to boil in the pot, and then the temperature rises to 100 ℃; Disinfect for 5-10 minutes to produce a large amount of steam to disinfect tableware, and the effect is also very good. It is also a good way to disinfect tableware without water or alkali.

4. Tableware not resistant to high temperature should be soaked and disinfected, especially beer utensils, which will burst and deform when heated. It can be soaked with disinfectants such as bleaching powder, chloramine and potassium permanganate. When soaking, be sure to pay attention to whether the potion needs to bring tableware; The concentration of chemical solution shall be as required, such as 0.5% bleach clear solution; Tableware disinfection of hepatitis patients should use 3% bleach clear liquid; The soaking time shall be sufficient, generally 15 ~ 30 minutes; After soaking, rinse with clean water and tap water.

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