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Reasons for using magnesium strengthened porcelain as disinfection tableware

April 26, 2022

Magnesium reinforced porcelain has good quality, impact resistance, high strength, hard glaze, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be used as disinfection tableware. The hardness of glaze varies with the strength of porcelain. After magnesia reinforced porcelain is fired at 1200 ℃, the magnesium in talc reacts chemically to achieve whiteness and brightness. And the thickness is moderate, the strength grade is high, the porcelain white is exquisite and integrated, the style is beautiful, and there is no scratch after repeated machine washing. The utility model has the advantages of easy cleaning and not easy scaling. Magnesium reinforced porcelain products have high strength, which is called "high strength" in daily ceramics. The glaze is bright, the color difference is small, the whiteness is high, and the service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary ceramics.

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1. Magnesium reinforced porcelain disinfection tableware can establish spiritual communication with users from three aspects: product, operation mode and material use. There are two kinds of materials: stainless steel and plastic, which will be very comfortable to use. The bright color of the handle also caters to the consumption psychology of fashion seekers.

2. According to the survey, the pace of life of modern urban people has accelerated. Therefore, people's requirements for magnesium reinforced porcelain disinfection tableware have also increased, that is to say, modern people pay more and more attention to its practical function. We can see that the functional design of popular tableware is very practical. The reinforced porcelain highlights its own functionality and is designed according to the principle of "use one, decoration two". Reinforced porcelain with simple shape is very popular with some busy consumers, especially white-collar workers.

3. The series of magnesium reinforced porcelain disinfection tableware has characteristic color design, which can adapt to different color home environment. Young couples can buy a set of colorful tableware to add warmth and romance to your life.

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