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Raw materials for making ceramic couple cup

April 25, 2022

Lovers cup, as the name suggests, first of all, its function is a water cup. Secondly, it is a functional and ornamental creative gift for heterosexual friends, lovers or newlyweds to express their love. The main significance lies in: most of the cups are in pairs. The shapes and patterns of the cups set off each other. Some cups have some beautiful love stories. As a gift, it can not only express the truth, but also lose the mood. So, what are their raw materials?

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1. Plastic raw materials are mainly clay natural minerals, including high soil, high water and high soil, which play the role of plasticization and bonding in the green body.

2. Non plastic raw materials, in which the viscosity of the blank can be reduced when necessary. The partially fired is deeply dissolved in feldspar glass, which can improve the viscosity of the liquid and prevent high-temperature deformation. After cooling, it acts as a skeleton in the porcelain blank. Feldspar is the raw material of melt. After dissolution at high temperature, it can dissolve part of the decomposition products of time and high domain. The melted high viscosity glass can play the role of high-temperature cementation and increase the compactness and strength of ceramic couple cup.

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