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How to reduce the damage of sterilized tableware?

April 25, 2022

In daily life, we are already familiar with the disinfection of tableware, because every time we eat in the restaurant, tableware, bowls, spoons, etc. The table is ready. Because tableware is fragile, you must be careful when you take it. You can't take it back when it falls on the ground. When in use, it can reduce the damage rate of sterilized tableware, and can also avoid hurting users and affecting dining mood due to damage. How to reduce its fragmentation?

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1. Strengthen the training of new employees' awareness of caring for tableware disinfection, and give more follow-up guidance in practical work. At the same time, arrange senior employees to conduct important guidance and inspection after a certain period of time.

2. Generally, it is safer to put eight sets of cups on one tray during later support.

3. Chinese food pays attention to the lively atmosphere on the table. It seems that everyone is moving and shouting to show happiness. Therefore, cheers or excitement is essential. In this case, the waiter is required to consciously pay attention to the follow-up, properly remind the guests, or stay away from sterilized tableware.

4. In the training process, strengthen the cultivation of employees' initiative consciousness, cultivate systematic thinking, illustrate the importance with examples, and strengthen the practice of end support stability.

5. When cleaning, generally use two pots of warm water. The water temperature is moderate in summer, 50 degrees, and slightly higher in winter. Among them, it is usually easy to put tableware into three or four bottle caps, which is easier to scrub.

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