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What are the categories of glassware?

April 24, 2022

Glassware is made of glass. It is widely used because of its stable performance and wide range of uses. There are many kinds of glassware, which vary according to different classification methods. The variety of glassware is rich and colorful, and the shape and decoration have also changed. Among them are bottles, bowls, snuff bottles, birds and animals made of imitation jade, jadeite, agate and coral. Bright colors, with unique style and charm.

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1. According to use

It can be divided into daily glassware and chemical glassware. Daily glassware includes glassware, glass water cup, glass tableware, glass cooker, etc. Chemical glassware refers to glassware used in chemical industry experiments, such as beakers, storage bottles, etc.

2. According to these components

It can be divided into sodium calcium glassware, crystal glassware, microcrystalline glassware, heat-resistant glassware, color glassware, etc. Glassware VIII with different components has different characteristics.

3. According to the forming method

It can be divided into blow molding, press molding, centrifugal molding, free molding, etc.

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