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How to buy seasoning cans?

April 24, 2022

Seasoning jar is a small jar used to hold all kinds of seasonings in the kitchen. Its texture includes glass, ceramics, plastics, Bone China, stainless steel and so on. In the fashion trend, the small ceramic seasoning pot seems to be particularly eye-catching. Its simple and lovely shape and simple materials seem to be more in line with the taste of modern people. Seasoning pot is a lovely "seasoning", which can not only adjust the delicacy, but also "season" the kitchen. Lovely and exquisite carvings make these seasoning cans more like works of art.

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(1) Plastic seasoning: colorless and light flavoring. Portable, easy-to-use and cheap plastic seasoning cans are preferred. They are most suitable for placing seasonings that do not emit peculiar smell and are not easy to fade, such as Taibai powder, Lake cooked powder and other seasonings with light color and light taste. On the contrary, sauces with dark color and strong taste, such as soy sauce or spicy oil, had better not be filled with plastic products.

(2) Pottery: suitable for salt and sugar susceptible to moisture.

Due to the high moisture absorption of pottery, it is very suitable for storing salt that is easy to agglomerate due to humidity. In addition to salt, miso, bonito powder and other seasonings are also suitable to be put into pottery seasoning cans because they can drain excess water. Granulated sugar or powdered sugar will not only agglomerate due to moisture, but also harden due to the loss of water in an excessively dry environment. Glazed pottery seasoning pot can prevent excessive drying or moisture. It is a good choice for storing sugar.

(3) Made of glass or enamel: it is recommended to store spices or vinegar.

Glass, enamel and other materials, because they are acid resistant and can inhibit the transfer of fragrance, are very suitable for preserving spicy oil and vinegar. However, both materials are bulky and easy to break, so they should be handled with care.

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