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Competitive opportunities in the domestic market of China's household ceramics

April 24, 2022

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of tourism, people not only emphasize the practicability of ceramic products, but also have higher requirements for grade. According to relevant data, domestic high-end hotels, restaurants and other units have an increasing demand for household porcelain year by year. At present, the obvious change in the demand market for daily-use porcelain is that major hotels, especially star rated units, gradually replace imported porcelain with domestic high-grade porcelain. Therefore, the demand for medium and high-grade ceramic products in the domestic market has great prospects.

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1. Inappropriate product positioning:

The international daily-use ceramic market is mainly concentrated in the UK, Western Europe and Southeast Asia, and its consumption and import volume have accounted for more than 60% of the world market. The consumption in these areas tends to be high-grade, and there is little space for domestic low-grade positioning products in these areas.

2. Inappropriate development ideas:

The industrial concept of winning by quantity has long influenced and dominated the daily-use ceramic industry. Facing the competition and demand pattern of daily-use ceramics in the future, winning by quality is the only way out.

3. There are many restrictions on brand development:

Brand development is affected by many factors, such as technical level, product positioning, industrial structure and so on. It is doomed that the brand road of daily-use ceramic enterprises will be long-term and inevitable.

4. The domestic market has great potential:

With the improvement of quality of life, the demand of domestic daily-use ceramic market has greatly increased, especially for high-end products. The high-grade ceramics of Britain, Germany and Japan quickly occupied the market, making the local daily-use ceramic enterprises vulnerable.

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