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Importance of tire quality to magnesium strengthened porcelain tableware

April 24, 2022

Magnesia porcelain is mainly made of silicate mineral talc rich in magnesium as the main raw material of porcelain clay, which is fired at 1380 ℃. Magnesium reinforced porcelain is mainly used to make tableware, which is very common in our life. In daily life, tableware can be seen everywhere, whether in large hotels or small restaurants. Tableware can also be used as a gift. Send a sterilized tableware made of magnesium reinforced porcelain with good tire quality, which will greatly highlight the grade and taste.

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1. The tire must be loose. It sounds crisp when you knock.

2. When purchasing, we must judge the thickness of the carcass by age.

3. When purchasing, carry a flashlight as much as possible. The flashlight can easily find the crack in the body.

4. Take photos from outside to inside during identification, and then observe the internal projection of magnesium reinforced porcelain tableware. If you see the shadow moving inside with your hand, it proves that the tire is thin.

5.Magnesia reinforced porcelain tableware is made from magnesia stone powder and feldspar powder at a high temperature of about 1340 ℃. It has the advantages of ultra-high strength, low brittleness, high whiteness and smooth glaze. Its service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary ceramics. It is an ideal product for disinfecting tableware in all household porcelain products.

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