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Disadvantages of straw cup

April 24, 2022

Many adults like to use straw cups, which are made for children to drink water conveniently. Now it has become a trend. Many people think it is high-end and follow the trend. The material of straw is good or bad. When choosing, choose healthier and non-toxic materials, such as those flavored plastics, which will cause great harm to the body. And it's best not to choose color straws. These straws are generally pigment, which will fade into the body when drinking water. Why do adults use straw cups? What are the disadvantages of straw cup?

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1. The plastic straw in the straw cup can be processed from recycled waste plastics. You should know that once the plastic straw encounters high temperature, it will produce toxic substances, which are harmful to the body.

2. If there are three plastic straws, there must be a big problem with the quality. They are all made of inferior plastic, and may have added a lot of pigments containing harmful substances to cover up impurities.

3. If plastic straws and hot drinks or hot water are used, the harmful substances in plastic straws will dissolve in water and do great harm to the body.

Generally, children have poor sucking ability, so they need to use a straw to let the baby practice drinking water better. Adults are different. You don't need a straw cup at all. They can drink water directly from the cup, which makes them safer and healthier. However, the material of straw cup can also be good or bad. Choosing a high-quality straw cup generally will not cause any health and safety hazards. If you choose plastic with flavor, it will certainly have a lot of impact on the body of adults or children.

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