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Classification of stew cups

April 23, 2022

Stew cup is a kitchen utensil that can be stewed with water, that is, a special waterproof stew. Generally, it is a small stew. When in use, put the food into a small stew with 80% water, and then put the small stew into a large pot with water at the same time. The heat of steam in the big pot penetrates into the food in the small pot, which can prevent the loss of nutrients and maintain the original flavor of the stew.

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1. Glass stew Cup: the electric stew cup adopts transparent glass, which is very convenient for stewing bird's nest. Heat conduction is fast, which is very suitable for novices and office workers with tight time. It completely preserves nutrition and saves time.

2. Ceramic / bone china stew Cup: the intelligent pot of electric stew cup is made of ceramic. Good heat transfer, not easy to smell, uniform heating. At present, I recommend it to you. Heating with slow fire for a long time can maintain the original shape of the food, the soup is delicious and tastes better.

3. Purple sand stew cup is the favorite of many health people. Because traditional materials, drinking tea, making soup and decocting medicine are great choices. However, purple sand is characterized by good taste. It absorbs the taste of all ingredients and is more suitable for making homemade soup. Of course, if economic conditions permit, you can also prepare more and use them separately.

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