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What are the advantages of ceramics over glass?

April 22, 2022

Ceramic raw materials are the original resources of the earth. Clay has been refined. The nature of clay is tough. It is plastic at room temperature and in water. It is slightly dry, carved and completely dry and grindable. If you burn it to 700 degrees, you can make pottery and hold water; When it is burned to 1230 ℃, it becomes porcelain. It can absorb water completely, resist high temperature and corrosion. Glass is a transparent solid material. It forms a continuous network structure when melting. When cooling, the viscosity gradually increases and hardens without crystallization.

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1. Glass products have poor physical properties and are more fragile than porcelain products in case of impact, bump and sudden change of cold and heat. Therefore, even if there are glass tableware, most of them are tempered glass, with high cost. Therefore, among non porcelain tableware, plastic meal has price advantage and metal meal has physical performance advantage.

2. It is difficult for glass to make the feeling of porcelain products. In the same bowl, the glass is often thicker and heavier.

3. Glass processing belongs to thermoforming processing, with complex processing technology and high machine cost. Porcelain can be large or small, or even produced in small workshops, which greatly reduces the introduction of porcelain tableware and makes porcelain tableware more popular.

4. Porcelain tableware is very beautiful because of its white texture and simple outline. On the other hand, due to the limitation of processing conditions, glass tableware is mostly transparent frosted, supplemented by a small amount of monochrome.

5. The tradition is used to porcelain products. On the premise that other materials have no obvious advantages and there is no large-scale porcelain products inferior to other materials, porcelain tableware is still the mainstream. Ceramic tableware has various shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and easy cleaning. It is the choice for most families to buy Tableware. However, the colored glaze on the ceramic surface may become a health killer. The colored glaze is full of harmful elements. The radioactive element radium will kill white blood cells. Cadmium, lead and mercury are heavy metals. Cadmium and lead can lead to poisoning of liver or other internal organs, and mercury can lead to hardening of liver and kidney. When unqualified ceramic products are used, these harmful substances will dissolve out. As food enters the human body, it will cause chronic poisoning over time. Inferior clay contains many microorganisms and harmful substances. Even if it is not glazed, it will endanger human health. Therefore, the specification and quality of products are particularly important. Standard colored glazed ceramics are basically harmless to human body, while seemingly clean colorless ceramic tableware may bury potential health hazards.

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