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Only when ceramic enterprises are younger can they be wayward in the market.

April 22, 2022

Nowadays, with the increasing contribution of young consumers to the ceramic market, the consumption concept of the whole ceramic market shows a younger trend. In the context of overcapacity in the ceramic industry, vicious competition is becoming more and more serious. Ceramic enterprises must tap the huge business opportunities brought by young consumers.

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1. Market participants tend to be younger.

Industry insiders pointed out that in China, the young people after 80 and 90 have become the main force in the workplace, and these people with certain economic ability have become the main force of consumption. The survey shows that in the age distribution of family consumers, consumers aged 25-35 account for 64%, indicating that the age structure of family consumers is younger. Ceramics and other household rejuvenation will undoubtedly become an important footnote. A large number of household brands, including ceramic enterprises, have launched a series of younger products. Ceramics with fashionable design, cool colors, leisure style and high cost performance; With all kinds of overall home decoration, more and more ceramic brands aim at young consumers and develop or launch "younger" ceramics in order to be younger. The lively trend of "rejuvenation" in the ceramic industry is becoming stronger and stronger, and the goal is also directed at the post-80s and post-90s customers.


2. Ceramic enterprises need to grasp the hearts of consumers.

It is the embodiment of a young and relaxed life. The pursuit of a new home is absolutely biased towards a vibrant personality style. In order to cater to the aesthetics of young consumers, many ceramics with exaggerated lines, simple fashion and even cartoon flavor have been widely launched. In terms of design, they are more inclined to grasp the mentality of young people, which is applicable, warm and dynamic. In addition, industry insiders said that in the future, ceramic brands will increasingly emphasize the development and launch of "younger" and fashionable products or designs. The influence of alternative home rejuvenation, such as home network platform, in the home market such as ceramics, is gradually gaining momentum and will soon be launched. The online and offline display and sales of ceramic products will capture the hearts of more young people. "The post-80s and post-90s are a generation growing up with the Internet. At present, they are important decision-makers in family shopping. Seizing them is seizing the market," said an industry insider.

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