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Steps for cleaning and disinfecting tableware with disinfectant

April 22, 2022

People put food first, so food is very important to us. Many people will say that we should pay attention to our diet, such as fruits rich in vitamin ABC, foods containing protein, and of course, our fresh and nutritious green vegetables. But in fact, while paying attention to these, we should also pay attention to whether the tableware we use is healthy.

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1. Use disinfectant to disinfect tableware. The concentration of disinfection needs to reach the concentration specified in the product manual.

2. The selected disinfectant shall be the tableware disinfectant approved by the health administrative department, and the non disinfection tableware disinfectant cannot be used for tableware disinfection.

3. Soak the sterilized tableware in the disinfectant for 10-15 minutes, and the tableware shall not expose the liquid level of the disinfectant.

4. After the tableware is disinfected, tap water shall be used to remove the residual disinfectant on the tableware surface and remove the peculiar smell.

5. When using chemical disinfection, the disinfectant should be updated at any time and should not be reused for a long time.

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