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The secret of distinguishing the glaze color of bone china cup

April 21, 2022

Bone porcelain cup is a kind of bone porcelain product made of animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz. It is fired twice through high-temperature and low-temperature glaze. The beautiful appearance patterns of bone china cup products are glazed, and the glazing method determines the safety of bone china cup products. It can be divided into overglaze color, overglaze color and overglaze color, of which only overglaze color is relatively unsafe. How can we distinguish the glaze of bone china cup?

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The method of discrimination is very simple. If the surface is smooth, such as glass, there is little or no dissolution of lead and cadmium in underglaze and underglaze color bone porcelain, you can buy it at ease. However, products with concave convex surface belong to overglaze color products, and products with less surface decorative patterns should be selected as far as possible. Secondly, if glazed ceramics are touched by hand, the surface of the product has a concave convex feeling and is not flat by naked eye observation; If you touch the surface of the product with your hand, it will be as smooth as glass without bumpy feeling. Among them, the vast majority of overglaze colored porcelain and underglaze colored porcelain can be purchased at ease; However, if inferior pigments are used in the processing of overglaze colored porcelain, it is easy to cause the dissolution of lead and cadmium to exceed the standard. Don't worry about soaking in vinegar for a few hours. If you find that the color changes significantly, discard it. In addition, the raw soil for firing bone china cups contains different minerals due to different places of origin, and the soil with high silicon mercury content is not suitable for firing bone china products.

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