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Emotional interaction between ceramic crafts and people in public environment

April 21, 2022

The concept and technology of designer interaction are brought into various designs, which can better enhance the value of products. The essence of interaction should be to develop easy-to-use, effective and pleasant interactive products. With the advent of digitization, data interaction, image interaction and other interactive forms are being expected, but many interactive forms choose different technical parameters, technical terms and complex operation processes, which makes people feel confused and confused. However, the emotional interaction between ceramic crafts and people in public environment has increasingly become the focus of public environment designers.

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1. Emotional interaction between modeling and people

Any aesthetic feeling comes from a certain shape. The shape design of ceramic crafts in the public environment needs to meet the public aesthetic taste in order to make people feel the beauty. Under the profound influence of Confucianism and Taoism, the Chinese aesthetic standard pursues symmetrical, round, concise and smooth modeling, because this modeling can make people feel balanced. This balance not only makes ceramic crafts more rich and interesting, but also produces the formal beauty of "moving in silence". This changeable balance can make the whole space environment form a harmonious atmosphere.

2. Color and people's emotional interaction.

Facing the modern society full of competition and challenges, the color selection and application of public environment should not only understand the scientificity of color, but also pay attention to the sociality of color, that is, some psychological factors and cultural mentality of people. The hue of the public environment is closely related to the selection and application of the glaze color of ceramic crafts in the environment and the emotional interaction with people.

3. Emotional interaction between materials and people.

Ceramics come from nature, and the materials with mud have very strong plasticity. Natural texture beauty and firing flame marks formed under different firing conditions, together with the depth of color and the thickness and density of mud, have become the expression elements of texture beauty of ceramic materials.

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