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Unique charm and advantages of crystal glass

April 21, 2022

Crystal glass, as its name suggests, is glass made of crystal materials. Crystal is a kind of material that everyone likes very much, and its crystal clear texture is one of its characteristics. The more you use it, the brighter it becomes. It is very suitable for family use and indispensable on the table. As a kind of glass, crystal glass gradually shows its unique charm and advantages compared with ordinary glass in wine tasting and drinking.

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1. The raw material of crystal glass is high-quality potassium carbonate purified from plant ashes. It is completely free of heavy metals, and the utensils are safer and more reliable.

2. The hardness of crystal glass is 7 and that of ordinary glass is 5, so crystal glass is more tenacious, that is, impact resistance.

3. It has better refraction than traditional glass. Hold up a piece of crystal glass and rotate it in front of the light. You will find that it is like an exquisite handicraft. It is white and transparent and reflects charming colorful light, because the crystal can absorb luster and even ultraviolet light, while ordinary glass has no luster, refraction and striking performance. Because the crystal cup is fragile, it should be protected against heavy pressure, falling, high temperature, strong alkali and strong acid. Don't suddenly soak the crystal cup in boiling water or ice water. And in the first cleaning, it is best to clean with vinegar or lemon juice. If you find dust on the crystal cup, do not use a feather brush, but gently brush the dust with a soft cloth without fluff. Don't rub hard to avoid damaging the crystal cup.

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