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Solution to black spots on polished glaze

April 21, 2022

Full glazed brick is a kind of finished brick with excellent pattern, gorgeous shape and strong sense of hierarchy. It is used for high-end decoration of houses, with an atmosphere and style. Its advantage comes from the glaze, which is completely sealed after firing at high temperature, with almost no gap, and can keep bright and fadeless for a long time. Full glazed products are different from polished bricks in production technology. After coming out of the drying kiln, it also goes through multiple processes such as watering, glazing, spray painting, drying, glazing, drying and firing.

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1. The glaze line can be covered with dust or completely closed, but pay attention to timely heat removal;

2. Consider putting the glaze line on one side of the kiln to avoid being sandwiched between the kiln and the drying kiln;

3. Select idle time to adjust the branch ram of each section.

4. Use the empty kiln time to regularly clean the carbon deposit on the spray gun;

5. The accident port or observation port in the negative pressure area of the kiln shall be closed in time to avoid inhaling sundries.

6. The smoke exhaust branch pipe and damper in the kiln head section must be made of high-temperature resistant stainless steel to avoid black spots caused by carbonization of high-temperature iron plate.

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