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Precautions for soup pot

April 20, 2022

Soup making can not only supplement nutrition but also warm the body. Do the relatives who make soup know what pot to use? Each soup pot has its unique function. According to different ingredients, choose a soup pot that you don't use in order to cook the taste you want. Pot is a unique cooking utensil in our country. Its characteristic is poor thermal conductivity. This characteristic is not only the disadvantage of casserole, but also its outstanding advantage. So, what are the precautions for using a pot for soup?

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1. It is best to use earthen pot or exquisite casserole for soup, followed by ceramic pot with white inner wall, and then stainless steel pot or electric pressure cooker.

2. Do not use inferior casseroles, because the enamel inside contains lead, which is easy to dissolve when cooking acidic food, which is harmful to people's health.

3. Do not use containers made of aluminum, iron and tin to make soup.

4. After washing the earthenware pot or casserole bought for the first time, add a small amount of rice and water to boil rice soup, and then put the rice soup in the pot overnight to prevent cracking.

5. Don't touch the inner wall or bottom of the pot with a spoon during the soup making process, which is easy to cause the casserole to burst.

6. Do not let the earthen pot or casserole directly rush into cold water when it is very hot. After use, be sure to wait for it to cool naturally before cleaning. It's best to put the pot pad at the bottom.

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