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How to improve the transparency of transparent glaze?

April 20, 2022

Transparent ceramics are polycrystalline materials with certain light transmittance prepared by ceramic technology, also known as optical ceramics. Compared with glass or resin optical materials, transparent ceramics are stronger, harder, more corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant, and can be used in extremely harsh working environments. The production of high-performance single crystal optical elements requires a lot of time and energy, because it must be cut from the ingot, which involves considerable material loss in the processing process.

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1. Carefully select raw materials to prevent crystallization of glaze during firing and liquid phase separation of glaze.

2. Do not choose raw materials that produce a large amount of gas at high temperature.

3. The initial melting point of glaze should not be too low.

4. Sintering in reducing atmosphere.

5. Fine processing of glaze particles.

6. When introducing some components, appropriate carriers should be selected.

7.Using the ceramic molding method, high-performance transparent ceramic parts can be manufactured by near net molding, which can meet the needs of small batch sample preparation, multi variety preparation or mass production.

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