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What's the difference between Bone China advertising cup and color changing cup?

April 20, 2022

Many people know that the origin of ceramics is China, but few people know the difference between color changing cup and Bone China advertising cup. Color changing cup is also called magic cup. That is, fill the cup with hot and cold water, and the color of the cup will change. The colors before discoloration include black, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, purple, etc. Including dot effect, which can be designed as the surface of the color changing cup.

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1. Direct printing

It is technically difficult to print directly on the cup with a roller printer. Generally, factories can only print one or three colors. If there is a high demand for registration, there is nothing that many colors can do. However, powerful factories can overprint up to 20 colors without leaving the location. This technology is only suitable for small batch production and has low efficiency. Only color patches can be printed, so it is difficult to print photos.

2. Water transfer printing

First use the printing machine to print on the water transfer paper, which can print rich colors for mass production. However, the requirements for the environment are high, and the printing environment must maintain constant temperature and humidity to ensure the printing accuracy. Put the printed water transfer paper into water, separate the pattern from the paper, transfer the pattern to a cup and bake the finished product. The following Christmas color changing cup belongs to this process.

3. Heat transfer printing

The printing process of water transfer printing is basically the same as that of water transfer printing. Heat and pressurize the machine to transfer the printed heat transfer paper to the cup body. When water transfer printing is used to produce color changing cup, pattern transfer depends on manual operation and heat transfer depends on machine.

Automatic processing, so a modern color changing cup factory with color changing pigment production line, automatic printing production line and automatic heat transfer decal paper production line is the embodiment of the strongest competitive strength.

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