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Design and development is the primary link of product realization

April 20, 2022

Design is the first step of product realization. Design review, verification and output shall include design review, verification and output. Some enterprises regard product design and development as "test samples", ignore the role of relevant processes and give up the control of relevant processes. As a result, the results of design and development do not meet the requirements of mass production, resulting in a lot of losses. Various processes involved in design are interrelated and interactive. Controlling these processes can create favorable conditions for the smooth production of products.

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1. Planning

Design planning is an important step of product realization planning. At this stage, quality objectives and requirements, design and development stages, and relevant review, verification and confirmation activities shall be determined.

2. Input

The input of design is also the input related to product requirements. Including: product function and performance requirements; Adopted standards; Whether the information provided by previous similar designs can be used, these inputs should be sufficient and adaptive, complete and clear, and not contradictory.

3. Output

The output corresponds to the input, and targeted verification should be possible. Output is a result, which should meet the requirements of input and provide necessary information for procurement, production and inspection.

4. Review

Representatives of production and inspection departments shall be invited to participate in the review of design results. The review contents shall include: whether the results meet the requirements; Whether there are problems or areas for improvement. Some enterprises have no relevant personnel to participate in the design and development review, resulting in the disconnection between design and development, production and inspection.

5. Verification

The design and development of daily-use ceramics are usually completed by the development department and samples are made.

6. Confirmation

There are many forms of design and development confirmation of daily-use ceramics. For export products, it is best to invite customers to participate in the confirmation, and the confirmation process and results shall be recorded.



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