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Decorative beauty of contemporary daily ceramic material design

April 19, 2022

The carrier of ceramic decorative materials can be divided into three parts: clay, glaze and painting. In addition, technical means can be divided into texture and painting performance. At the same time of modern ceramic decoration design, new attempts have been made in the function and technical means of the carrier. As there is no fixed mode in the selection and application of form, technology and materials in ceramic decoration design, it provides a more free creative space for ceramic designers.

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1. Colored glaze and painted decoration

Ceramic decoration design includes texture and painting, in which painting includes overglaze, underglaze and underglaze. Through hand-painted forms such as blue and white, pastel, ancient and new colors, a visual beauty and artistic form are conveyed on ceramics. For example, hand-painted colored glaze decorative porcelain plate painting, and colored glaze decoration with different styles make the picture rich and exquisite. The burned white tire is coated with pearlescent material, filled with pastel pigment, and then fired again at about 750 ℃. Due to the different glazing techniques, the use of various glazes and the kiln changes in the firing process, the artistic conception of the works has been sublimated.

2. Overglaze decoration

New color is a decorative technique of ceramic overglaze color, and it is also a hand-painted technique widely used in modern ceramic decoration. Compared with other traditional ceramic decoration methods, it is less limited by the process flow and pigment, and it also has a strong aesthetic feeling of artistic decoration. Combine flowers, vases, butterflies and other animals and plants with classic patterns to show modern creative ideas and artistic style with simple painting techniques.


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