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What is the development prospect of art and daily-use ceramic industry?

April 19, 2022

With the rapid development of the world ceramic market, China's ceramic industry is rising and has become the largest country in art ceramics and daily-use ceramics. However, with the unprecedented prosperity of the domestic ceramic industry, it is facing problems such as lagging technological innovation, lack of independent intellectual property rights, weak brand awareness, low energy consumption and high efficiency. Ceramic enterprises need to improve the cultural taste of products, cultivate independent brands and improve product added value, strengthen industrial integration, and actively respond to changes and challenges.

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1. The diversification and personalization of demand is the trend of the overall development of the industry.

Different consumers have great differences in age, growth environment and cultural background, and there must be obvious differences in the demand for products. In the past, the art ceramic industry dominated by creativity and the daily-use ceramic industry produced on a standardized scale may need to transform to customized production, have the ability to quickly respond to the unique needs of customers, and create ceramic products of different grades with unique functions, shapes and colors.

2. Under the dual pressure of market and supervision, the ceramic industry continues to develop in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.

With the improvement of consumers' living standards, the attention to the environmental protection, health and safety of ceramic products has gradually increased. Consumers no longer only pay attention to the collection and ornamental value of artistic ceramics, or the economy and practicability of daily-use ceramics, but pay more attention to the radioactivity, material and toxicity of products. Domestic ceramic enterprises must actively upgrade production equipment and explore various green technologies, including low-temperature firing, baking free and non-toxic organic coating technology, so as to continuously develop product production in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection.

3. Art ceramics: enhance cultural taste and enrich expression carriers.

Art is an organic whole composed of three basic elements: material, modeling design and decoration. It has the characteristics of material and spiritual dual culture. China has rich cultural heritage, which endows domestic artistic ceramics with rich creative themes. On the one hand, domestic enterprises should explore the characteristics of Chinese traditional culture, but also comply with the development trend of "integration of Chinese and Western cultures" and "intersection of tradition and Modernity" in the ceramic industry in recent years, and improve the cultural grade and added value of ceramic products on the basis of inheriting the traditional ceramic culture.

4. Daily ceramics: strengthen brand operation and enhance product added value.

In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the internationalization process of China's ceramic enterprises and the continuous improvement of product technology level, the brand construction of ceramic enterprises has become increasingly urgent. Through brand building, ceramic enterprises can realize the transformation from product output to brand output, so as to continuously improve the added value and market competitiveness of products.

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