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Innovative charm of modern art ceramics

April 18, 2022

In the process of historical and cultural development, ceramic culture occupies a very important position. Through hard work and unremitting pursuit, Chinese ceramic artists of all dynasties have created countless world-renowned art ceramic treasures with Chinese national characteristics and Oriental art characteristics, which have greatly enriched the treasure house of world culture and art. Ceramic art has always attached great importance to innovation and development. Ceramic art works without era and innovation have no vitality. Ignoring innovation can not lead to development, which is the basic requirement of the progress of the times for the development of artistic ceramics.

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1. We should pay attention to the inheritance and innovation of traditional ceramic culture. The development of artistic ceramics has gone through thousands of years, created many artistic ceramic expression forms and decoration process methods, accumulated rich experience and profound cultural heritage. It is a precious cultural and artistic wealth, which should be better inherited and developed.

2. We should go deep into life, constantly explore and understand the world, understand nature, absorb nutrition from the mother of life, constantly enrich our understanding, inspire inspiration and enhance creative vitality. Ceramic artists can discover new creative themes, grasp the pulse of the times and obtain new information and feelings only by going deep into life and feeling, observing and experiencing in life.

3. Pay attention to the formation of the artistic style of individual works, which is the life of artists. Works without personal artistic style cannot be handed down from generation to generation. Blindly copying and copying can only destroy their own artistic life.

4. We should constantly improve our literary cultivation. We should not only learn aesthetic theory well, but also learn art dialectics well, so that we can correctly deal with the relationship between the decorative content and expression form of art ceramics, and the relationship between the overall picture layout and local expression in the creation process of art ceramics.

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