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Characteristics and current situation of contemporary gift ceramic design

April 18, 2022

The design themes of modern gift porcelain are diverse and rich, involving all aspects of social life, including figures, flowers and birds, landscapes and other categories. Each theme has a traditional style in content and form, and its artistic characteristics are richness and diversity, ideology and individuality, appreciation and practicability. Its aesthetic characteristics with Chinese characteristics are overwhelmed by the audience.

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1. Rich and diverse

The shape is changeable, such as porcelain plate, plate, altar, etc. They are round and square. The diversity of decoration is reflected in patterns and techniques. In addition to traditional decorative patterns such as figures, landscapes, flowers and birds, there are geometric graphics and modern art patterns. What is more worth mentioning is the comprehensive decoration, which is a combination of several techniques concentrated on one kind of utensil, such as overglaze color, underglaze color, carving, hollowing out, pile carving, etc. It is this free combination that makes the decorative art of modern gift porcelain have a broader space for realization.

2. Ideology and individuals

Gifts are mostly household utensils. We can't read the author's excessive creative thinking and spiritual connotation from the decorative patterns. Taking the gift porcelain with landscape theme as an example, since literati painting entered porcelain, the spiritual connotation and expression techniques of Chinese traditional humanistic painting have been boldly applied to the creation of porcelain painting, and the art of gift porcelain has been promoted to another new artistic realm.

3. Appreciation and practicability

Gifts are mainly used as gifts, with the characteristics of appreciation and practicality. After modern times, ceramic technology has been further developed. The appearance of porcelain paintings, ceramic sculptures and some colored utensils shows that aesthetics and appreciation have become the purpose of porcelain production, and the practicability of porcelain is no longer the main purpose of gifts. Porcelain has experienced the development process from the combination of practicality and aesthetics, and then from the combination of aesthetics and practicality to pure art.

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