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How to overcome the method of ceramic tableware slag?

April 18, 2022

Falling slag is also called falling dirt, which means that there are slag particles such as box sand and chaff ash on the surface of the product. The mass production of daily-use ceramics meets the needs of people's daily life, but the production of ceramic slag not only affects the beauty of daily tableware and tea sets, but also brings great harm to people's health. How can we overcome the common slag falling methods of ceramic tableware? What are the measures?

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1. Before burning the soil box, the soil box must be classified and folded one by one, and the branches must be bound with iron wire to prevent confusion.

2. Check the quality of the sagger and repair the sagger that needs to be repaired. At the same time, the floating dust of the sagger shall be cleaned up, and a layer of paint shall be applied evenly at the bottom of the sagger.

3. The blank loading personnel shall operate carefully and strictly. Clean the blank dust before entering the box. During blank loading, the method shall be light, and the stacking box shall be stable, flat and flush to prevent deflection and collision caused by gravity movement.

4. When loading the kiln, clean the dust in the box, gently handle the sagger, and do not wipe and align it.

5. The track shall be flat and clean, and the cart shall be slow to prevent sagger vibration from colliding with each other.

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