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The relation of the form of pottery and porcelain tableware and form, meaning, image

April 17, 2022

Ceramic tableware is displayed in the form of materialization, "shape" reflects the initiative and creativity of the aesthetic subject, which contains people's aesthetic subject consciousness, motivation and experience. Vivid ceramic image is the basic carrier of aesthetic image. At the same time, "meaning" and "image" are formed by the artistic imagination of the aesthetic subject, which adds the subjective will and emotion of the designer, so that the object presents the emotional color, so as to convey a spiritual pleasure and get a better aesthetic experience.

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1. Cultural value

The development of modern ceramic tableware shows the progress of modern civilization. The relationship between ceramic tableware and traditional culture image is built on this material, which is the integration of traditional culture and modern design culture. Its functional value, economic value and cultural significance are unique.

2. Aesthetic value

Chinese traditional culture has continuity and integrity, which directly affects Chinese aesthetic consciousness. In traditional Chinese thought, aesthetics pays attention to form, meaning and image. Generally speaking, "form" can refer to the external form, "meaning" can refer to the creativity, cultural connotation and aesthetic feeling of artistic works, and "image" refers to the inner feeling brought by the object to the aesthetic subject. Through these three cognitive stages, the aesthetic subject forms a complete aesthetic activity in which the subject's unique cognition and feeling of beauty is formed. The expression of aesthetic value has a broad research prospect in the form treatment of ceramic tableware.

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