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How many kinds of ceramic molding process?

April 17, 2022

Porcelain making technology was invented on the basis of the continuous development of ceramic branch. Although porcelain is made of porcelain, the surface is coated with glass glaze and is fired at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius. However, as porcelain, the molding method is basically the same as pottery. At the same time, the ceramic cup custom manufacturers tell you that the ceramic manual kneading method, clay bar plate making method, has been developed to the clay enclosure method, wheel mold method, stamping method, grouting method, etc..

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1. Hand pinch method: use the hand to invent the earth to do whatever it wants, extrude some smaller objects. This is the most primitive and simple molding method.

2. Mud stick board construction method: rub the mud into mud sticks, build mud sticks from the bottom of the container into the container wall to the mouth of the container, then stick mud on the container, and wipe the mud seams left by the construction of the container wall board. This method appeared in the Neolithic age.

3. Slice wrapping method: the raw material is processed into clay blocks, and then the clay blocks are enclosed to synthesize the required shape.

4. Wheel forming method: the mud is placed on the wheel, and the centrifugal force generated by wheel rolling is used to form the method. The wheels are divided into slow wheels and fast wheels.

5. Impression method: the method of molding clay into a special mold. It is mainly used for making ceramic figurines, animals, utensils, ornaments and so on.

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