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What is the decoration design of the bone China advertising cup?

April 17, 2022

Advertising cups are divided into glass, bone porcelain, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, wood, paper, etc. In today's society, bone porcelain cups have become popular, so what are their decorative designs? What is the purpose? What kind of tricks can it bring us?

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1. Porcelain decals are important means of beautifying products, making products even better and giving people perfect spiritual enjoyment. Decoration is intuitive and is carried out on the surface of bone China molding, so it belongs to the scope of appearance quality.

2. Bone China decals are closely related to the shape of bone China, just as the human body and clothing are interdependent. In the production process, according to the needs of modelling design modelling, with decal modelling.

3. The purpose of porcelain decals is to serve for modeling, beautify and enrich modeling. Porcelain applique decoration changes the feel of the shape. Different adornment method can produce different mood, obtain different spirit to enjoy. Different shapes and effects can be changed, with individual patterns (for patterns or Chinese prints) for the main parts, one with a side flower or a flower for the mouth and protruding, another with a full flower to fill the whole shape.

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