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What tableware can't be heated in the microwave?

April 16, 2022

Microwave oven uses food to absorb microwave energy in microwave field to heat itself. It is different from ordinary steamers and pressure cookers. If not used properly, it is easy to catch fire. Microwave oven can cook many delicious food, bake potatoes, make cakes, etc., But microwave ovens need special containers to heat. Ordinary plastic containers, metal containers, closed containers, heat-resistant containers, etc. Not suitable for use in microwave ovens. Food containers require special microwave ovens. What tableware can't be heated in microwave oven?

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1. Any tableware containing metal materials.

For example, porcelain cups or plates with golden patterns, when metal products are heated by the microwave of the microwave oven, may cause fire, easily damage the microwave oven and heated tableware, and may also cause dangerous accidents.

2. Newspaper box

In the wet state, the carton can be used in the microwave oven for a short time, but over time, the paper will gradually dry and may overheat, even burn or catch fire.

3. Ordinary lunch box bought outside

As it is not clear whether the plastic lunch boxes packed in the restaurant are resistant to high temperature, it is recommended not to heat them with high temperature in the microwave oven, so as to avoid the dissolution of harmful substances and harm to health. In particular, if there is no logo that can be heated by microwave, it must not be heated by microwave.

4. Aluminum and stainless steel tableware

Because the microwave cannot penetrate aluminum and stainless steel, the tableware made of this material is heated in the microwave oven, and the food inside is difficult to be heated, so it is not suitable for use in the microwave oven.

5. Paint tableware

Because there is benzene in the paint, if heated by microwave, it will diffuse and pollute the food. Therefore, in order to be safe and healthy, it is best to choose a microwave lunch box made of glass or ceramic.

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