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Selection of art ceramic tableware

April 16, 2022

Ceramics are our art treasures, with various shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and easy cleaning. People frequently use ceramic utensils in daily life, which are deeply loved by consumers. Ceramic tableware not only has practical value, but also has artistic value. It has various shapes, colorful colors, cool and smooth feeling, and is deeply loved by families. How should I choose?

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As a commodity, the price of art ceramic tableware is not the higher the better, which needs to be carefully identified. For example, underglaze color and blue and white porcelain, it depends on whether the painting is skillful and clear, and whether the color is bright and transparent. Note that some people use underglaze decoration to pretend to be underglaze, and pay attention to meticulous freehand brushwork. It must be hand-painted, not printed or applique, and the color should be bright. It depends on the overall effect, whether there is geometry, whether there is deformation, whether the glaze is smooth, and whether there is a difference in chromaticity. Finally, the choice of artistic ceramic tableware should be in the place with good light during the day. The light will often make mistakes. You can tap the porcelain gently to see if the sound is clear and loud. The cracked ceramics have a hoarse sound.

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