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Value of traditional elements in the application of ceramic tableware

April 15, 2022

China is an ancient civilization with a history of more than 5000 years. In the long history, the Chinese nation has accumulated extensive and profound excellent traditional culture. On the basis of this cultural factor, Chinese people have a special preference for traditional culture. Among the unique art types, the application of traditional culture is exquisite. Designers should grasp the characteristics of the times and design ceramic tableware with Chinese traditional elements. If designers do not carry forward the traditional culture, Chinese traditional art will be missing in the future.

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1. Application of Chinese characters in ceramic tableware design

It is the finishing touch of Chinese ceramic tableware design. Chinese characters are ancient, beautiful and attractive characters. They are special symbols used to record and exchange ideas. In the design of ceramic tableware, characters, colors and patterns are combined, and various technical means are adopted to reflect the special charm of this font. Chinese characters can make the style of the whole ceramic tableware simple, elegant, implicit and profound, with both a sense of modernity and a strong traditional cultural connotation.

2. Application of traditional graphic elements in ceramic tableware design

Traditional graphics personify and idealize the natural scenery, and make up for the deficiency of reality through association. For example, Tang Sheng's flower and bird decoration presents a luxurious beauty, symbolizing vitality and social prosperity.

3. Application of traditional color in ceramic tableware design.

In design, graphics and characters are composed of colors. Color is the key of design and has a great impact on vision. Different colors have different effects on people's psychology. As a historical and cultural heritage, traditional color affects Chinese people's life and color habits.

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