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Problems to be considered in the design of daily ceramic tableware

April 15, 2022

The design of daily ceramic tableware is a practical art. The design of daily ceramic tableware should focus on the needs of consumers. The improvement of living standards will inevitably stimulate consumers' aesthetic needs. Consumers have dual demands on the design of daily-use ceramic tableware: one is the spiritual level, the other is the material level. Only by understanding the aesthetic needs of consumers can designers design products that meet the aesthetic psychology of consumers.

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1. Formal elements of design

Any characteristic or meaning of a product should be embodied by the product itself. In order to make the design of daily-use ceramics recognized by consumers, we should first start with the product elements and analyze their various form elements. Through the change of design elements - modeling, color, decoration, materials, etc.

2. Function design

The functionality of the product is its basic attribute. Daily ceramics are also called functional ceramics. It can be seen that function is important for the design of daily ceramics. How to make the function of daily-use ceramics more convenient for people's life and give consideration to people's new needs is an important starting point for the design of daily-use ceramics in the future. The functional design should conform to the aesthetic psychology of consumers and be more humanized.

3. Product name design

With the help of the ingenious use of language and vocabulary, giving a product a suitable name can often make the finishing touch. A good design needs a good name. A wonderful name can bring endless imagination to consumers. Induce people to imagine and appreciate, and let consumers understand, accept and buy.

5. Packaging design

The success of a product is not necessarily due to the success of packaging. The success of packaging can promote the greater success of products. Daily ceramic tableware should pay more attention to packaging. According to the survey, more than 7% of consumers' final purchase behavior is decided after entering the mall, and only a few purposeful purchases. Faced with a wide variety of ceramic tableware for daily use, it is not easy to make a quick choice. At this time, the County Bureau of daily-use ceramics with packaging design in line with consumers' aesthetic psychology will have better attraction and competitiveness.

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