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What are the characteristics of bone china cup?

April 15, 2022

As a bone porcelain product that can be chewed compared with life, bone porcelain cup is deeply loved by people at home. Bone China has its unique functions both in the ordinary bone china product scheme and in the high-end gift set platform. Bone china products originated in Britain and have always been special bone china products for the royal family. Therefore, it has always been a symbol of identity and status. Naturally, it belongs to high-grade bone porcelain products, so it has always been favored by people. It is known as the king of porcelain, both in art and in real life.

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1. Bone China is made of animal ashes. There are two important reasons why it is called bone china. One is that more than 36% of its important materials belong to bone carbon, which is realized by secondary firing. Animal bone charcoal should be used to make bone china. The decorative surface of Bone China is integrated with the glaze, and does not contain lead, cadmium and other harmful substances to the human body. It can be called "green porcelain", and its permanent use is beneficial to human health. As a green product in the new era, it is also deeply loved by people. Because the bone china cup is a bone china product made through several complex processes, the bone china cup is light, precise and firm, which is twice that of ordinary bone china products. The ordinary bone china cup is creamy and delicate, which makes people love it at first sight.

2. There is another big difference between bone porcelain products, that is, they are not as heavy as ordinary ceramic products and belong to the type of light contrast, so they are also very popular. With these characteristics, it has set a good development for people to like the application of bone china cup. With the continuous progress of science and technology in the future, we believe that bone china cups will enter our lives more and more.

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