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Precautions for purchasing and using ceramic water cups

April 14, 2022

Among the commonly used materials of water cup, ceramic cup is one of the most common water cup materials in life. I believe we are not unfamiliar, and most people should have used it. Among several common water cup materials, ceramic cup is also a relatively safe one, which is widely used. What should we pay attention to when buying and using ceramic water cups?

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1. When purchasing ceramic water cups, we must choose the formal market. We must not be greedy for cheap and buy inferior products without formal manufacturers. According to national regulations, when the ceramic water cup is soaked in 4% acetic acid, the dissolution of Lead shall not be greater than 7 mg / L and cadmium shall not be greater than 0.5 mg / L. at present, the products of regular manufacturers can basically meet this requirement;

2. Pay attention to the color of tableware when buying. Touch the surface of tableware with your hand to see whether the inner wall is smooth;

3. If there is peculiar smell, smell it with your nose;

4. Don't buy Ceramic tableware with too bright colors. In order to make the color bright, the manufacturer will add some heavy metal additives to the glaze, so the brighter the color of tableware, the easier it is for heavy metals to exceed the standard;

5. We should choose and buy overglaze and underglaze tableware with strict raw materials and process control;

6. Before use, boil the water cup in boiling water for 5 minutes, or soak it in vinegar for 2-3 minutes to dissolve the toxic substances in the water cup.

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