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In the production of bone china tableware, grouting has an impact on the temperature and humidity of the environment

April 14, 2022

Grouting molding is a molding method with wide adaptability and high production efficiency. All products with complex or irregular shapes that cannot be formed by other methods can be produced by grouting. However, due to the great influence of temperature and temperature on the forming of finished products, it is directly related to the quality and survival rate of semi-finished products. Therefore, the ambient temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled in the production process, and corresponding measures must be taken according to seasonal changes.

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1. There are requirements for the temperature and humidity of the environment

Generally, it is better to control the operating temperature of injection sanitary porcelain at 25 ℃ - 37 ℃. The temperature can be increased at night, but it can not exceed 50 ℃, because if the temperature exceeds 50 ℃, on the one hand, the drying speed of the outer surface of the returned blank is too fast, while the drying speed of the inner surface of the returned blank is relatively slow, resulting in uneven internal and external shrinkage during the drying process, resulting in cracking of the returned blank during the drying process; On the other hand, if the temperature exceeds 50 ℃, the gypsum mold is easy to dry. Moreover, the shape of gypsum mold is complex, and the dry humidity of each part is uneven, which is easy to cause defects such as too fast slurry eating and increased porosity after molding. Generally, the operating temperature during molding is controlled at 50-70%. If it is too high, the die drying speed is too slow, which will affect the normal progress of the next process. If it is too low, the drying speed of the mold will be accelerated and the shrinkage rate will be accelerated, so it is easy to crack.

2. Seasonal requirements for grouting return

The return quality of grouting molding is sensitive to seasonal changes, especially in spring and autumn, which has the greatest impact on the return molding, because the monsoon in spring and autumn is large and the air is dry. Under such conditions, if reasonable measures are not taken, the return body will have a large area of wind crack in the molding stage, which will seriously affect the yield of the return body.

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