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Precautions for using bone china cup for the first time

April 13, 2022

Nowadays, cups are not only diverse in shape, but also made of different materials, such as ceramics, plastics, glass and so on. Bone china is a kind of beautiful porcelain, which is harmless to drinking water. Bone china cup is light, delicate and hard, not easy to wear and crack, with moderate light transmittance and good heat insulation. Their color is natural milky white unique to natural bone meal. So what should we pay attention to when using bone china cup for the first time?

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1. Bone china cup is easier to clean than ordinary ceramic cup. The surface glaze of bone china cup is soft glaze, which is fired at 1130 ℃. The chemical composition of surface glaze is mainly composed of more than 20 kinds of raw materials such as time, feldspar and zinc oxide, which is different from ordinary glass in family.

2. It's best to wash the newly bought bone china cup with soapy water, because there won't be too much grease on the surface of the porcelain cup. If you wash it with soapy water, you can quickly remove the stains on it.

3. Then, when using it for the first time, scald it with boiling water as a whole. When using bone china cup continuously, pay attention to cleaning after use, especially when drinking tea. After drinking tea, pour out the tea in time and clean the cup with clean water, otherwise the unwashed cup will not be easy to clean after being left for too long.

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