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What is the relationship between ceramic cup and enamel cup?

April 13, 2022

Ceramic cups often come into contact with us. Now most people don't use enamel cups, but enamel bowls and enamel tableware, such as enamel pots, are used for many purposes. Enamel products refer to the use of a certain process to "lining" a layer of ceramics on the outside of iron. After a long time, the porcelain outside will fall off and expose the rust inside. Ceramic products are pure porcelain. Both ceramic cups and enamel cups have porcelain, so what is the relationship between them?

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1. Enamel cup is a kind of appliance with one or more layers of enamel on the inside and outside of metal. The enamel outside the enamel cup is composed of sodium silicate and metal salt. Generally, pure white enamel products do not contain lead, but contain heavy metals such as aluminum, while other colors need to add some metal salts, so enamel products contain not only heavy metals, but also lead, cadmium, tin, etc. But with such a layer of enamel, as long as these harmful elements do not precipitate, they will not pose a threat to human health. The firing temperature of enamel after plating is about 700 ℃, and its chemical properties are unstable. If acidic drinks such as carbonated, orange juice and lemon juice or hot coffee are packed in intact enamel cups, excess lead will precipitate out. Of course, enamel products cannot be heated.

2. Ceramics are utensils made of glazed porcelain blanks fired at high temperature. The high-temperature firing of ceramics also determines that its chemical properties are relatively stable and not easy to react with acid. Of course, what we are talking about here is also qualified ceramic tableware. If you can't identify ceramics well, you can buy Tableware through formal channels. The heavy metals of ceramic cups are also in the pattern pigments. You can choose underglaze color and underglaze color. If you choose underglaze color, you can choose a manufacturer you trust or have a brand.

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