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How to choose a home storage rack?

April 13, 2022

The storage rack is a rack for placing furniture fragmentary items, which is composed of supporting metal columns and supporting carbon steel plated mesh. The open design makes the storage of objects clear at a glance, which is conducive to saving space and affordable. Therefore, it is more and more loved by family consumers, and is more and more widely used in family life. It is gradually used in living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bathroom and so on.

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1. Robustness

When choosing Bathroom Shelves, we mainly consider whether the base is firm and whether it is easy to shake when pushing and pulling, so as to ensure the durability of subsequent use. You can shake it with your hand when you buy it.

2. Moisture resistance

Whether the material of the shelf will not rot, deform and rust in a humid environment. Because the shelf in the bathroom is in a humid environment for a long time, we should choose materials that are not easy to be affected by moisture, rust and decay. Generally, the moisture-proof performance of the shelf made of stainless steel, alloy and glass is very good.

3. Bearing capacity

In addition to choosing whether it is stable and moisture-proof, we should also consider its load-bearing capacity, whether the load-bearing capacity of the shelf is good, and whether the suspended weight will be deformed. The most fundamental thing about the shelf is the bearing capacity. Buyers need to buy according to their actual storage weight.

4. Coordination

Although the shelf is only a part of the bathroom hardware, in order to make the decoration of the whole bathroom space more harmonious and unified, it is suggested to consider the matching of the shelf when purchasing, and the selected shelf should be decorative with the whole bathroom space as far as possible.

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