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Design and application of color changing cup

April 13, 2022

The principle of color change design mainly lies in the use of color change coating with paper-cut effect to realize the contrast, enhancement and opposite visual effect between color change and non color change. It can also be designed by using the color contrast principle of different materials. Everything is changing, but color changing design and innovation are endless. The thermochromic cup is generally designed as black, dark blue and brown, supplemented by red, purple, yellow and green. The other is the main design of image full-color coated cup. The job is to adjust the size and drawings on the computer, print them out, and then heat transfer printing. The process is relatively simple.

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1. Color changing advertising gift cup can be used as an advertising carrier to convey information trend between cold and warm.

2. New strange gifts: designed as Valentine's Day gifts, birthday, Christmas, Easter, Buddhism, emotion and other products. Lovers, friends and colleagues convey all kinds of love, happiness, greetings, philosophy, interests and other information, which is suitable for boutiques, supermarkets and online shopping.

3. Personalized color changing cup: design or process the photos on the color changing cup and give them to friends, classmates, teachers and lovers. Add hot water, the pattern slowly shows, and love arises spontaneously.

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