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Selection and aesthetic value of daily ceramic products

April 12, 2022

Consumption fashion of ceramic products for daily use at present, the consumption trend of ceramic products by urban and rural residents is changing, from simple practicability in the past to practicability and aesthetic value today. There are many kinds of products on the market. How should we choose daily-use ceramics? And where is its own aesthetic value embodied?

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1. How to choose from a wide variety of daily-use ceramic products? First, determine the purchase grade according to their economic affordability, and then choose their favorite varieties from the appearance. Check the selected shape and color inside and outside one by one to see if the surface is damaged, smooth, spotted or blistered. Then put the porcelain on the palm of your hand and tap it with your fingers or small objects. If the sound is crisp and of good quality; If the voice is dull or hoarse, it indicates that it is damaged or not burned well, which is inferior. See if the shape is geometric. When observing porcelain products on a plane, it is required to be stable and small deformation. See whether the decorative flower surface is beautiful, generous and harmonious. When choosing porcelain decorated with gold and silver, you should also wipe it by hand to see whether it changes color or takes off gold.

2. It mainly has the following characteristics: I like fine porcelain. The traditional coarse porcelain products in residents' homes have become history, replaced by thin embryo fine porcelain tea products, giving people a solemn and elegant beauty. Pursue modeling technology products. The styles of daily-use ceramic utensils purchased by residents have gradually shifted from simple to complex, from flat to different, and paid attention to modeling lines and beautiful styles. Pursue complete sets of products. From the perspective of the consumption structure of daily-use ceramics, it has been "breaking up the whole into parts", tending to be serialized and integrated, and the sales potential of ordinary single products has weakened. How to choose daily ceramic products? Daily ceramic products have the advantages of bright color, beautiful appearance, easy washing and low price. However, because porcelain is fragile, it needs to be replenished frequently in the family.

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