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How many types of color changing cups are there?

April 12, 2022

Ceramic color changing cup and glass color changing cup are divided into thermal color changing cup, cold color changing cup and water changing cup. When the temperature of the thermochromic cup is above 40 ℃, the color changes; When the temperature of the cold color changing cup is below 20 ℃, you must know the principle of changing the water cup. The cup body is printed with temperature sensitive materials. The materials used belong to thermal sensitive materials. They are resistant to high temperature of 320 ℃, non-toxic, lead-free and chromium free, which can meet the standard.

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1. The color changing cup is divided into cold color changing cup and hot color changing cup according to the color changing temperature. Generally, the temperature of 7-17 degrees is selected as the cold color changing cup, and the color will change below this temperature; However, the thermochromic cup generally adopts the color changing material with a change of 43 degrees. If the temperature exceeds this temperature, it will change color.

2. According to the different materials of the cup body, it can be divided into ceramic color changing cup, glass color changing cup, stainless steel and plastic color changing cup. There are also many kinds of materials for each cup tire, such as ceramics, which are divided into: new jade porcelain, high temperature and high white porcelain, magnesium porcelain, ordinary white porcelain, glass, etc., Different texture, different price.

3. According to different functions, it can be divided into color changing music Cup, color changing mystery cup, color changing coating Cup, color changing recording cup, color changing painting writing cup, color changing candle cup, etc.

4. According to the discoloration area: it is divided into half width discoloration Cup, full width discoloration Cup and full width discoloration Cup. Color changing cup means that the outside of the whole cup can change color.

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