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How to clean the ceramic cup?

April 11, 2022

The main raw material of ceramic water cup is mud, not rare metals. It will not waste our living resources, pollute the environment, destroy resources, or be toxic and harmless. The selection of ceramic cups reflects the awareness of environmental protection and care for our living environment. This is a necessity in our life. However, many people do not know how to clean coffee stains or tea stains on ceramic cups. Let's discuss it together.

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1. Salt

Both salt and crude salt can help us remove the tea stains on the cup. Dip your finger in it and brush it back and forth on the tea stain. It was found that the tea stain disappeared magically in two or three minutes! And the cup body is not easy to be damaged.

2. Citrus peel

What if you encounter old dirt and can't wipe it clean after brushing? don 't worry! At this time, find the leftover lemon in the kitchen, or the peel you want to throw away after eating an orange! For coffee cups, wipe the mouth with lemon slices or a little vinegar. For the coffee pot, we can slice the lemon, wrap it with cloth, put it on the coffee pot, and add water to the top. Boil the lemon and coffee together and let it drip into the pot below. When the coffee pot emits yellow muddy water droplets, this is evidence that citric acid can remove coffee stains. Generally speaking, cleaning the coffee pot twice or so is enough.

3. Add salt and peel.

If you use peel instead of vegetable cloth, dip it in salt and then brush it with tea stains, you can also achieve unexpected good results! If there is no peel, adding a little vinegar will have the same effect.

4. Kitchen bleach

Dilute the kitchen bleach in a large basin, then soak the ceramic water cup in it for one night, and then wash it with clean water the next day. The tea stains will magically slip away.    

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