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What is the color changing principle of the color changing cup?

April 11, 2022

Color changing cup is also called magic cup. When hot or cold water is injected into the cup, the color of the cup will change. The colors before discoloration include black, red, yellow, green, blue, brown, purple, light blue, light yellow, light green, pink, light purple, pink, etc. Including dot effect, which can be designed as the surface of the color changing cup. Ceramic color changing cup and glass color changing cup are divided into thermal color changing, cold color changing and color changing in water.

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1 The basic principle of color changing cups: the reason why the color changing cups are discoloring is a material in the cup color changing coating: the discoloring microgel shell will change with the temperature. This chromotropic substance of chromotropic microglia is generally called chromotropic powder: it is composed of a color blocking agent, a color developing agent and a sensitizer. When the temperature changes, the chromogenic agent releases protons, and the colorless chromogenic agent changes color after absorbing electrons.

2 For the printing process of decal paper, the color changing principle of color changing cup: there is a layer of special color changing material on the bottom pattern of the measuring surface outside the cup. After heating with hot coffee and water, the structure of this microgel changes physically, and from cold to dark, it becomes transparent. When the hot water becomes cold, the color of the micro glue changes from the transparent state when it is hot to the dark state when it is cold.

3 For the heat transfer process, the color changing principle of the color changing cup: the outside of the cup body is wrapped with a popular color coating containing color changing micro glue. Usually the cup looks dark, such as black, blue, red, etc. After the heat transfer printing is baked, the heat transfer printing ink penetrates into the discoloration coating to form a cabinet. After cooling, it looks like a mixture of dark color changing layer and graphic printing ink. After adding hot water, the microgel structure of the chromotropic layer changes physically, and the dark state changes from cold to transparent, which makes the scene in the color changing coating appear slowly and magically. When the hot water becomes cold, the color change of the microgel shell is restored from the transparent state of heat to the dark state of cold.

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