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Aiming at the problems of cost saving and raw materials in the production of ceramic gifts and daily necessities

April 10, 2022

Consumption fashion of ceramic daily necessities at present, the consumption trend of ceramic products by urban and rural residents is changing, from simple practicability in the past to practicability and aesthetic value today. But now many are given as ceramic gifts, and the consumption cost is also very expensive. Many people try their best to solve these problems, so as to save costs and raw materials.

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1. Improving the accuracy and level of professional equipment are some important saving measures faced by the whole industry at present.

2. Improving the level of modern management is an important measure to save energy. For example, thermal equipment costs a lot of money when it is cold and hot.

3. Increase the research and development of new technologies and processes through non mechanical means to improve efficiency and efficiency, so as to reduce unit consumption and achieve the purpose of saving.

4. The saving of raw materials and resources should be aimed at those high-grade and non renewable resources. As long as waste residue, urban garbage and other renewable resources do not cause secondary pollution, they should be encouraged to increase their use. The process characteristics of crushing, forming and high-temperature firing in ceramic industry are used to supplement environmental protection.

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