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What is the processing technology of the color changing cup like?

April 10, 2022

As the name suggests, a color changing cup is a cup that will change color. There is a special layer of material on the surface of the cup. The color will change due to the change of temperature and light. Now the color changing cup on the market usually refers to "temperature sensitive color changing cup". When pouring hot or cold drinks, the pattern on the outer surface of the cup will change with the change of temperature, showing another pattern or color, which makes people feel amazing and interesting. What is the processing technology of color changing cup?

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1. Direct printing: it can be printed directly on the cup by pad printing or curved surface printing machine. The technology is suitable for simple pattern and small batch production. Baking depends on the choice of coating.

2. Water transfer printing: first print on the water transfer machine, and then screen printing and spray printing. Then put the printed water transfer paper into the water, separate the pattern from the paper, transfer the pattern to the cup and bake the finished product.

3. Heat transfer: it takes about 3-4 minutes to transfer the printed or printed heat transfer to the color changing coating Cup by heating and pressurizing the machine. Ink penetrates from the paper into the color changing coating of the cup through sublimation. This is the simplest process for making color changing cup, which is suitable for personalized customization.

4. Spraying: the color changing paint is painted on the outside of the cup by the coating process, which is basically used for the full color changing cup.

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