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What is the difference between high white porcelain and bone porcelain?

April 10, 2022

High grade white porcelain, also known as high-grade white porcelain, is juxtaposed with white Jian porcelain and artistic porcelain carving. It is the three golden flowers in Dehua porcelain. White porcelain is made of local high-quality kaolin and other raw materials, which are finely processed and prepared, and then reduced and fired at high temperature. The porcelain glaze is pure and delicate, clean and flawless, white and elegant, and its flesh and bones are like snow and frost. What's the difference between high white porcelain and bone porcelain?

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1. Different raw materials. 25% ~ 51% of herbivore bone powder is added to the porcelain, while the main component of high white porcelain is kaolin.

2. Gloss. Because animal bone powder is added to bone porcelain, the color of bone porcelain is milky white of natural bone powder, while high white porcelain is bright white.

3. Weight. Because the animal bone powder added into bone porcelain contains a large amount of tricalcium phosphate, the weight of bone porcelain is lower than that of high white porcelain.

4. Thickness. The thickness of the thinnest fetal porcelain (eggshell porcelain) in white porcelain is 1-1.5mm; The thickness of porcelain is about 2-2.5mm

5. Light transmission. Bone China has better light transmittance. Even thin skinned porcelain thinner than bone china is not as transparent as bone china under the light. After all, high white porcelain is opaque.

6. Firing process. Generally, bones are glazed at low temperature after high-temperature sintering, which belongs to low-temperature porcelain. Overburning is used to improve regularity. The process is to burn the adobe at 1220 ℃ and glaze it after inspection and polishing, so bone porcelain is generally smooth and regular. White porcelain is fired at high temperature at one time.

7. Firing pattern. Due to the low firing temperature of Bone China, it is usually an overglaze color when firing with decal paper. High white porcelain is fired at high temperature, so overglaze color, overglaze color and overglaze color are feasible.

8. Low water absorption. The water absorption of Bone China is relatively low, which is reflected in the fact that bone china tableware is extremely easy to clean. Generally, detergent is not used, which gives people a special sense of cleanliness visually.

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