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What's the trick to buying a coffee cup?

April 09, 2022

We are often at a loss to face a wide range of cups. What's the difference between a coffee cup and other cups? What kind of cup should I use for coffee? Drinking coffee is generally considered a petty bourgeoisie. In an elegant environment, while listening to music, while tasting a cup of mellow coffee, what a pleasant thing. In this environment, the coffee cup is also a highlight. Many people prefer beautiful coffee cups. So how do we buy coffee cups?

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1. When most people buy cups, they often can't correctly distinguish between coffee cups and black tea cups. Usually, in order to spread the aroma of black tea and enjoy the color of black tea, the bottom of black tea cup is shallow, the mouth is wide and the light transmittance is high, while the mouth of coffee cup is narrow, the material is thick and the light transmittance is low.

2. Generally speaking, coffee cups are made of ceramics. In recent years, under the idea that coffee must be drunk while hot, cup makers have even developed ceramic cups with thermal insulation effect, and even bone china cups better than porcelain cups. Using this kind of bone china tableware with animal ashes can slowly reduce the temperature of coffee in the cup. But because its price is much more expensive than the first two, it is rarely used by ordinary families and can only be found in more exquisite cafes. In addition, the color of the coffee cup is also important.

3. When choosing coffee cups, you can choose according to the type of coffee and drinking method, and then choose according to your personal preferences and drinking occasions. Generally speaking, pottery cup is more suitable for deep fried coffee with strong taste, and porcelain cup is suitable for coffee with light taste. In addition, when drinking Italian coffee, generally use small coffee cups below 100cc, while coffee with a high proportion of milk, such as latte and French milk coffee, often use mugs without cup holders. As for personal preferences, in addition to the appearance of the cup, you should also take it up to see if it is comfortable, so that it will be convenient and comfortable to use. The weight of the cup should be light, because the lighter cup has a dense texture, which means that the raw material particles of the cup are relatively fine, the surface of the cup is relatively dense, the pores are relatively small, and the coffee stains are not easy to adhere to the surface of the cup.


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