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What are the styles and designs of fruit plates?

April 09, 2022

The design of fruit tray is more and more creative. In addition to the traditional style, there are various exquisite shapes and gorgeous colors. You can choose one you like according to your personal preferences. Creative style design, looks very fashionable and interesting, brings you the same aesthetic enjoyment as art, and is highly decorative. At a glance, the design of the fruit tray will make people linger and forget to return, making people want to buy.

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1. Small round hole fruit plate

In addition to the bottom, small round holes of equal size are evenly distributed on the fruit plate, which makes the fruit plate implicit without losing personality. The edge of each small round hole is very smooth and not rough.

2. Empty the flat bottom fruit tray

The hollowed out part of the fruit plate focuses on decoration. The almost flat design also makes it very eye-catching in many fruit plates. It is also a good decoration and ornament without fruit.

3. Uneven fruit plate

Although the hollowing out is a little regular, the uneven plate design is still very personalized, and it is handmade. The craft level makes it worth twice.

4. Irregular stainless steel rod fruit tray

The shape is gorgeous and eye-catching, and even the most common fruit can instantly attract the eye.

5. Geometric stainless steel fruit tray

The geometric hollowed out pattern turns the fruit plate into a delicate accessory of fashionable home. At the same time, the appearance is introverted and the quality is more commendable.

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